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The European Unconventional Hydrocarbon Portal (Open ECHO)

The European Unconventional Hydrocarbon Portal (Open ECHO) is an information portal developed by the European Commission using publically available evidences. The portal aims to provide an informed overview on unconventional hydrocarbons activities in Europe to a wide range of stakeholders and users. The portal provides information about the potential European geological resource, resource exploitation and its implication to environment, or the impact of unconventional hydrocarbons to European energy sectors and markets.

UKOOG - Drilling and the Hydraulic Fracturing process

An interesting view of the drilling and fracking processes

Explore Shale

An excellent website exploring natural gas drilling and development in the Marcellus Shale.

General Information

Useful links to websites, films and documents that can provide more detailed information on the use of shale gas and other unconventional resources.